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You know, I’m a good friend of Qiuting, and her recent conflict with Xuesha has sparked off some thoughts.

Anyway, actually I think there was just some big misunderstanding. Qiu wasn’t even talking about XS in her Omy interview, it’s someone else I know.

What’s being a blogger about? What’s BLOGGING about? 7 years ago, when I was first exposed to the world of blogging, I saw a blog as an online rendition of a diary. And to be honest, I started a blog then because my diary’s privacy was being invaded at home. If no one at home knew my blog url, then I could write freely.

Then, as time grew by, I stopped writing. It was when a relationship had died and I wanted to write everything I could about it, throw it off my chest, and let it end properly there and then, in a blog. I used to only write when I’m down.

9 months ago, I restarted a blog, this time with a totally different take on blogging. I blog about my life, yes, but things are more interesting, more positive, more like chatting with my friends. And this is the blog you’re currently reading. I’m doing well so far?

Okay, now back to Qiu and XS. XS always says this – a picture speak a thousand words. She doesn’t really do much writing. If you visit her blog, you’ll see that it’s really a blog with plenty of pretty (heavily photoshopped) pictures. If any of you have seen her videos, you’ll gape at the computer screen when you compare her blog pictures to how she actually looks like in videos. I was once quite pissed at her because my Mum was telling me she read Xuesha’s blog and how sweet she looks and how nice she poses in pictures and that I should learn to be like 这样的女人. -.-” Damn annoying when your own mother compares you to someone whose credibility in her pictures raises eyebrows. I mean, I don’t mind if Mummy asks me to be like Fann Wong or Jeanette Aw you know, just not XS la…*peng* You’ll understand why in a minute.

Seriously, when I first saw her on her blog, I really found her quite pretty. Looks very sweet from her pictures.
Then I saw this and things have sorta changed a bit…

Qiu photoshops her pictures too but to be honest, she doesn’t change much of how she looks like in person. Her pictures still look like her. To be honest, I’m glad you guys actually come in to read my writing, because I know how my posts can be wordy and how important pictures are and how they actually bring life to a blog. I try la, okay, you know I do. If I’ve pictures to share, I will. If not, I try to squeeze them (pictures, not anything else) out.

 Eh what??? I’m not afraid to look stupid okay~ And I don’t use Photoshop hor!!! (Heck I don’t even have the programme, much less know how to use it)
Okay la okay la give you guys a nice one – 
Nice right? Tikopeh leh you all, bare shoulder say nice already~ *tsk tsk tsk*
Lol~ K la I know it’s because I’m smiling properly~ Heh~

To be honest, as much as a picture can speak a thousand words, I still feel a blog is about sharing one’s thoughts, recording down one’s experiences. You know in The New Paper, they ask readers to submit captions? Can win $100 one leh. And seriously, if you ask me to read Archie without the speech bubbles, I won’t find it half as enjoyable. Of course, if yours is a photography blog and has beautiful pictures of interesting subjects, I would love to visit your blog. Then again, writing notes on where you took the picture and how you feel about the picture gives it a personal touch, doesn’t it?

I’m not aiming anybody here okay? In case you think I’m trying to be on Qiu’s side and put XS down, I’m not. I know XS tries to caption her pictures, so I don’t really have much to say about that. I’m just talking about bloggers and blogging in general. Then again, it’s one’s choice how they want their blogs to be la I guess. After all, there are readers who don’t like to read. We call them viewers? Yes?

Anyway, just a thought. Does one need to have the ability to write well to qualify for a title in the Sg Blog Awards? A good command of the language, be it English or Chinese, should be basic, no?

Here’s the judging criteria listed in the sgblogawards site –

Results will be out this Saturday. Think I stand a chance based on this? Voting results, I’m outta Top 3 already, so I guess 30% I’ve lost quite a fair bit, but the other part from the judges? Waddya think? ^.^

You know, actually, I’m already glad I got in. It was something I never expected, getting nominated in such a big event in the blogosphere. Winning is of course great, but I’m not staking on it. Because I’ve already won you guys over. *smiles*

I’m writing so properly today I feel it’s weird…

Totally Random,

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Bing July 6, 2010 at 12:37 am

Hi Silver, great blog! You're so right that "a blog is about sharing one's thoughts, recording down one's experiences." At the end, we are really writing for ourselves, aren't we? =)

See you this Saturday.. and good luck!

Anonymous July 7, 2010 at 1:55 am

Xuesha said she does advertorials for "ong lai shops" and she appears in "mac-ke-jeans"?!?!?!

big_eyes July 7, 2010 at 7:38 am

Oh yah man!!!! "Ong lai shops!!!!" ahahhahaaha~~~ Good one!!!

XL July 10, 2010 at 4:41 am

I saw the edited photos and feel so disgusted, made me think twice even before clicking her blog. I agreed why with the need to even photoshop, so not natural. Person and photos look so different.

Anonymous July 12, 2010 at 2:17 pm

I cant help but say this. You're gorgeous!!!


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