Things Come and Go…

December 2, 2010 1 comment

 First and foremost, I want to thank each and every one of you for coming back to read me even after I haven’t blogged for so many days after that last ‘Love?’ entry. And I want to thank every one of you who responded by liking the entry, or commenting. I’ve never had that many responses to any one post before, and knowing I could actually touch your hearts and pull your heartstrings… *lost for words*

I hope all unrequited, painful, or lost love come and go, in place of something better, for each of us…. Something more passionate, more real, deeper…

I love you all. Remember that. Even the haters. Because you come in here and get to know me, and in time you’ll know me a little better and stop hating me. Because I’m such a real, pleasant, pretty, sometimes funny, sometimes duh, sometimes stupid, other times intelligent little girl… =)

Am feeling a little under the weather, partly because of my Indian drama filming from morning to night every single day, but more so because there’s going to be no more Starblog anymore…

Yes you heard me right. STomp is closing down Starblog due to ailing readership numbers over the years…just my luck I only got to join them in July this year. Even the addition of pretty, intelligent, and super bhb me, couldn’t save it…(okay la the rest are also good la…I’m just being self-absorbed okay?)

It’ll officially end come end of December, with the last post on Christmas week. I shall spend Thanksgiving thanking the guys who gave me the chance to work with them, even if it’s just thanking them in my heart. Am feeling that bit of regret that I didn’t get to treat the ‘seniors’ Julen, Maia, Jamie, Sheylara and Dawn to durian~~~ (it’s a customary practice for all Starblog noobs to treat). *watery-eyed…finally drops a tear*

If you haven’t read any of my Starblog entries, I’m going to slowly post them up over this month…so nothing is lost… *weak smile*

Of course, do give it some glorious hits these coming 4 weeks, just before it closes, okay? New posts will be up each week, usually by Monday evenings. I will of course still be writing great stuff for you on my blog right here, my dearest readers, but you know, some things only happen once in a bloglife… (like showing ‘more’ skin than usual…lol~ *wink*

Here’s the link for my Starblog entry this week. Enjoy and relish~~~
And for those keen on reading my past entries before I post them here, click here.

Here’s a picture before I go, because I know you missed my presence due to my busy filming schedule… 😉

Yes I know I have a retarded smile here. Don’t judge me. I got up too early in the morning, and I didn’t get enough sleep… But I didn’t want to show you guys a cao bin (smelly face) so go easy on your comments yah? =P

Silver Ang

p/s. I’ve mastered the art of tying a saree…woohoo~~~ Pandai la Perak~~~ *confused identity*

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kctan75 December 5, 2010 at 2:45 am

lovely eyes ….


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